Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Audible potpouri

More of my writing, new and old, keeps finding its way into additional formats. Previous publishers are issuing new e-editions, and my partners today at the multi-platform, multi-genre Crossroad Press have joined in that effort -- with books and stories that span my professional career, from old to brand-new, notably the finally completed Thunder Rise trilogy of horror/mystery novels and Since the Sky Blew Off, first of a planned three volumes of my horror/mystery/sci-fi short stories. (Read "The Beach That Summer," from the forthcoming v. 2, Vapors.)

Now come the audio (and video) productions, of various works, from multiple sources:

Thunder Rise, first in the trilogy (with Asylum and Summer Place, is now an audible book.

 The earlier audible version of King of Hearts, from Random House, remains available.

Also now on audible is The Work of Human Hands, my first non-fiction book. .

A podcast of "We Who Are His Followers," from the Sky collection, is now available as a podcast (starts at 10:08 mark) from Mark Slade's Dark Dreams. More stories will be available on Dark Dreams soon.

A podcast about Toy Wars and G.I. Joe on JoeDeclassified: Special Ops went up in January 2013.

And you can watch an interview with me on writing from a few years ago, by my son, Calvin.

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