Thursday, November 14, 2013

ReadWave -- a Must-Read!

There may not be exactly a million writers' sites out there, but there sure are a lot of them. Cutting through the din is difficult, particularly for young writers seeking an audience for their work -- a tough row to hoe, as I know first-hand from my early days toiling in this crazy vineyard.

So when a truly distinctive opportunity opens, I pay attention. Which is why I responded to a recent email from a gent named Robert Tucker, co-founder and editor of ReadWave, whose physical home is in London. Rob had happened on my work, and contacted me to see if I would like to contribute a story to his site, a place "for sharing 3 minute stories and articles... a place where you can write about anything -- an idea, a life experience, a travel adventure or a moment of inspiration -- as long as it's under 800 words."

I went to ReadWave and really liked what I saw -- a fresh mix of creatively and culturally diverse voices participating in what I would describe as a very public storytelling square (as co-founder and co-director of just such an enterprise, the Story in the Public Square program at Salve Regina University's Pell Center in Newport, R.I., USA, I really dug that!)

So I accepted Rob's invitation, and wrote a 3- (possibly 4!) minute essay about collaborative writing, something I have rarely done in my long career.

Long story short: This is a great place for writers and readers (and that pretty much covers everyone). Make ReadWave part of your daily routine. Pass the word by mouth, Tweet, Facebook, whatever. And wish Rob and his crew the best of luck as they grow their storytelling square.

Robert Tucker