Thursday, September 10, 2020

Listen to the books!

 Less than a month remains until the October 6 release of my next book, "Blue Hill," a novel, in paperback, Kindle and audio formats. You can preorder any (or all!) of the editions now on Amazon:

Want a sample of the audio by great narrator Justin Kawamoto? CLICK HERE

And if listening to books is your thing, you may appreciate audio editions of some of my other titles.


With Halloween on the horizon, check out the audio version of my debut horror novel, "Thunder Rise," first volume in the Thunder Rise trilogy, which remains in print decades after publication. There has been a lot of interest in the audio version lately, the data shows. So why not?! CLICK HERE (sample available)


A medical tale unlike any other, "King of Hearts" also remains in print in many editions two decades after publication. For the audio version, CLICK HERE (sample available).


And in that same genre, consider "The Work of Human Hands," my first non-fiction book, about the legendary Dr. Hardy Hendren, former chief of surgery at Boston Children's Hospital and one of his most difficult cases.  CLICK HERE (and, yes, sample available!).

More "Blue Hill: posts:

-- Reviews for “Blue Hill” are coming in and they are favorable!The reviews for my latest book, "Blue Hill," a novel that is a profound departure from my other (mostly horror, mystery and sci-fi) fiction are looking good! I will post more as they arrived.

-- On a return to a hometown, a reunion with a first love. On the run from the law and deep into his journey into the past, Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," returns to his home town, where he meets Sally Martin, his high-school girlfriend and first love. A long-buried secret will soon be revealed.

-- Fenway Park on August 18, 1967: Tony Conigliaro struck by pitch.
Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," is a young Red Sox fan when slugger Tony Conigliaro is beaned by a pitch during the Sox "Dream Team" of 1967. The pitch changed the real-life Tony C. -- and had a profound impact on the fictional protagonist of my new novel.

-- The possibility of reconciliation, and an outrageous climb in a Maine Nor'easter.
Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," is the son of a now-retired Episcopal priest and '60s social activist. Their relationship has been difficult since Gray's childhood, but there is always the possibility of reconciliation. Maybe it will occur when Gray, now one of America's Most Wanted criminals, visits his elderly father, who lives in Blue Hill, Gray's hometown, and proposes an outrageous climb of a favorite mountain... in a raging Nor'easter. Read the excerpt here.

-- Quite a cast of characters.
Along with several fictional characters, starting with the narrator, "Blue Hill" features some real-life people -- Jack Nicholson, for example, albeit in fictionalized form.

-- Fenway Park.
Baseball is a central theme of my new novel, "Blue Hill," a departure from my other fiction, which has been solidly in the mystery, horror and sci-fi genres.

-- Listen to the books!
Listen to a clip from the audio version of “Blue Hill” Blue Hill and also some of my other books, including “Thunder Rise,” King of Hearts,” and “The Work of Human Hands.”