Thursday, May 23, 2013

Short story "All My Children" and interview on new Blackout City/Dark Dreams podcast

The Sky collection.
UPDATES! Coming soon, more from Mark on the critically acclaimed second collection VAPORS, just published!
And due in the fall of 2013, the third volume of my collected shorts: THE BEACH THAT SUMMER. Read the title story now. 

Horror aficionado and entrepreneur Mark Slade has brought a second short story from the Since the Sky Blew Off collection to podcast. Following on the heels of the fine narration of "We Who are His Followers" comes the 'cast of "All My Children," a horror/crime tale.

Listen to the podcast at Mark's Blackout City page. "All My Children" starts at the 14:45 mark of Episode 3: Darkness and Light.

"Stalking G. Wayne Miller," an interview Mark conducted with me is also on the same Blackout City page. We talk about many things, but mostly writing -- some good advice for young writers trying to break in, as I myself was many years ago as I was starting out. I know that rough road well!

"We Who are His Followers" can be heard at Mark's Dark Dreams podcast site. Starts at the 10:08 mark.

As Mark and the folks at Crossroad Press bring more of my short- and long-form fiction to new audiences, I am drawn to my archives -- to the magazines in which some of my short stories originally appeared. While I believe it has stood the test of time, "All My Children" was first published in 1988 in Violent Legends, a magazine published by writer and poet Joey Froehlich. For a glimpse into what things were like back then, before the Internet, when I was trying to break through -- young writers today, take note! -- look at the cover of that issue, and the first page of my story as it appeared. I do not recall if this was the only issue ever published, and I have tried without success to track Joey down. If you're out there, man, please drop me a line!

The cover of Violent Legends, horror zine in 1988.

First page of my story. It was typed!


  1. Wow. thank you for blogging about me and the podcasts, Wayne.interesting to read about your beginnings as a writer. Was this a paying gig? And i think I just might see if I can look this magazine up and the man who ran it. Again, thank you for the write up and the link.

  2. I don't think that one was. Most were not. Like playing single-A ball, minus the salary and travel allowance. The hope was the big leagues...