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Updated on Nov. 14, 2020: Reviews for Blue Hill keep coming in and they are raves!

The reviews for my latest book, "Blue Hill," a novel that is a profound departure from my other (mostly horror, mystery and sci-fi) fiction are looking good! I will post more as they arrive.

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"Imagine having it all, when suddenly everything changes…. Set in the late 1990s, G. Wayne Miller’s latest page turner, ‘Blue Hill’, is a gripping tale wrapped in nostalgia ultimately revealing what matters most in this life.

-- Brendan Kirby, co-host of WPRI/12/CBS' popular program, The Rhode Show. WATCH the interview. 


"Versatile writer G. Wayne Miller returns with his newest book, a captivating thriller, 'Blue Hill.' "

-- John Busbee, The Culture Buzz, KFMG 98.9 FM, Des Moines, Iowa.


“A bold and bracing tale that challenges our perspective and sensibility, as it confronts us with the fact that reality is a relative term...

“While the setup is pure Harlan Coben or Joe Finder, the execution is more akin to Tom Wolfe’s farcical approach in ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities.’ At times, that leads to rapid shifts in tone — from potential thriller to a kind of parody — which works, thanks to Miller’s elegant command of his story.”

-- Providence Journal, November 1, 2020. Read the full review online: 


"Blue Hill” is a story of seduction by a time and a technology, a painful story of narcissism, compromise, and redemption. G. Wayne Miller helps us to see ourselves as we are, not as who we want to be, and to see a time (1997) and a culture for what it was. In this hard-to-put-down novel, G. Wayne Miller helps us understand who we become – and even better, who we might be if we take the time to think, look at ourselves in the mirror, and remember what matters.

 -- Michael Fine, podcaster and best-selling author of “Abundance,” “Health Care Revolt” and, due in November 2020, “The Bull and Other Stories.”


A great read.

-- Bill Reynolds, author of "Fall River Dreams: A Team's Quest for Glory, A Town's Search for Its Soul"


The highly creative and motivated forty-two-year-old Mark Gray yearns for something new even though he is a celebrated gamer with a loving wife and child. He feels his life has gotten quite repetitive and mundane, which leads him to a fling gone wrong with a beautiful female fan and an embarrassing fall from grace. Gray, the rich and successful family man, becomes a fugitive on the run from an attempted murder and felony assault charge. Will Gray prove his innocence before everybody, including his beloved wife and child, completely turns on him? G. Wayne Miller brings us Blue Hill, a riveting story set in 1997 about a man's journey through the fondest and most painful memories of his past and the secrets he discovers as he flees from the law.


My first thought after reading Blue Hill was: "I love this book!" G. Wayne Miller's story has opened the door to other enticing titles by him that I would definitely love to read. Blue Hill is simply beautiful! The first-person point of view is brilliantly executed, giving readers a close and personal look into the story. I felt the emotions of the protagonist as if I was experiencing these myself. The attention to detail and meticulousness displayed in the portrayal of the characters makes the novel so realistic and captivating. Wayne Miller mixes a laugh-out-loud funny tale with a deep and serious narrative, and the result is a book that will capture your emotions and leave a lasting, distinctive impression.


-- Foluso Falaye, Readers' Favorite


In Blue Hill, You Can Go Home Again.

Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2020

Verified Purchase

Everyone makes mistakes. Some of us make really big mistakes sometimes because we believe our own headlines. In the book Blue Hill by G. Wayne Miller, Mark Gray makes one of those big mistakes and finds that what matters most in our short lives is how we deal with repairing the damage we've caused and reconciling the battle between good and evil that lurks in each of us.

While this novel was largely written in the late 90s, it reads fresh and vital. And who won't like a book that takes us back to floppy discs, AOL, chat rooms, big, bulky cell phones and even the 1967 Boston Red Sox with a special emphasis on the great Tony Conigliaro.

I give Blue Hill a hearty recommendation. It's a great read that I couldn't put down.

-- Dante, Amazon reviewer


More Blue Hill: posts:

-- On a return to a hometown, a reunion with a first love.

 On the run from the law and deep into his journey into the past, Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," returns to his home town, where he meets Sally Martin, his high-school girlfriend and first love. A long-buried secret will soon be revealed.



-- Fenway Park on August 18, 1967: Tony Conigliaro struck by pitch.

Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," is a young Red Sox fan when slugger Tony Conigliaro is beaned by a pitch during the Sox "Dream Team" of 1967. The pitch changed the real-life Tony C. -- and had a profound impact on the fictional protagonist of my new novel.



-- The possibility of reconciliation, and an outrageous climb in a Maine Nor'easter.

Mark Gray, the protagonist of "Blue Hill," is the son of a now-retired Episcopal priest and '60s social activist. Their relationship has been difficult since Gray's childhood, but there is always the possibility of reconciliation. Maybe it will occur when Gray, now one of America's Most Wanted criminals, visits his elderly father, who lives in Blue Hill, Gray's hometown, and proposes an outrageous climb of a favorite mountain... in a raging Nor'easter. Read the excerpt here.



-- Quite a cast of characters.

 Along with several fictional characters, starting with the narrator, "Blue Hill" features some real-life people -- Jack Nicholson, for example, albeit in fictionalized form.



-- Fenway Park.

Baseball is a central theme of my new novel, "Blue Hill," a departure from my other fiction, which has been solidly in the mystery, horror and sci-fi genres.



-- Listen to the books!

Listen to a clip from the audio version of “Blue Hill” Blue Hill and also some of my other books, including “Thunder Rise,” King of Hearts,” and “The Work of Human Hands.”




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