Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy on Rhode Island's south coast, Part I

 The shore at South Kingstown -- Matunuck in particular -- is one of my favorite parts of Rhode Island, along with the Charlestown and Westerly coasts. All are being battered by Hurricane Sandy. I drove to Matunuck on Sunday afternoon, to see the waves from the beginning storm surge. I was back early Monday, to see the morning high-tide surge and Tweeting for The Providence Journal's ongoing coverage. I'll be back in the area on Tuesday morning, to see what is left after the anticipated higher surge of the Monday evening high tide. Check back tomorrow for the latest, and of course get timely updates, blog items, photos and video and more at The Journal's site.
[For Tuesday post-storm photos and chronicle, i.e. Day Three,  click here.
[For Thursday's adventure, including interior photos of Carpenter's Beach cottages and buildings, click here.]

South Kingstown shore late afternoon, Sunday, October 28, 2012:

Looking west, toward a grand old summer cottage near Cards Pond (and Theater-by-the-Sea) whose owners have valiantly tried to shore up over the years against creeping beach erosion. Not sure if it will survive this one.
A shot westward taken from the front of the grand old cottage. Sand I am standing on may well be gone when this blows over.

South Kingstown, Charlestown and Westerly, Monday morning, October 29, 2012:

Another west-looking view of the old summer cottage -- I could not get as close as on Sunday. I took this shot from Roy Carpenter's Beach.

The waves pile on -- and this was the morning surge. Compounded by the full moon, the Monday evening surge is expected to be mightier. Lord knows what I will find tomorrow...

I wasn't the only one drawn to the power of nature at Carpenter's.

On way to Charlestown Breachway, a kayak shop already imperiled.
A kindly officer let me past the roadblock to get to the Breachway itself.

The ocean is invading the Breachway parking lot. I doubt this shack will be here in 24 hours.

The water pours in. I stood for a moment on the dunes, but the waves crashed too close. Too dangerous.

In the summer, cars fill this lot. On Monday, gulls hunkered down at the Breachway.

Continuing west, I arrived in Westerly to find the access to Misquamicut was blocked. Seriously blocked.
Walking past the plows, the reason why: The bridge is already underwater.

Another roadblock on road to Watch Hill, Westerly. This time, the cops would not let me by. Tried my press pass and a cash bribe (kidding about the latter).

But the police said: "You want a good photo? Turn down this road." I did, onto Avondale Road, where the water from Colonel Willie Cove (I did not make that up) was over the road. This was almost 10 a.m. two hours past high tide.

Resident of Apple Rehab, Westerly, were already evacuated.
Windows boarded in downtown Westerly.

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  1. Thankyou for info on Watch Hill. We fell in love with the dunes last year. Keep us informed as much as possible. Stay safe