Sunday, September 23, 2012

A rich mosaic... of arts in Rhode Island

RISD Museum Grand Gallery, photo by Steve Szydlowski.
The Providence Sunday Journal today has my extensive look at the impact of the arts on the state economy -- not to mention the culture and overall quality of life. When it comes to the arts, it's damn good here, folks. Damn good. Let's take a moment and celebrate this gift and the people behind it.

The page-one design, stories and photos look better in the hard copy, and I recommend you get one, but here is a link to the main story.

And here is a link to the sidebar about AS220, the internationally recognized arts organization that Bert Crenca built.

Today's package is the latest installment in the year-long (and already award-winning) Journal series, Reinvent Rhode Island. In my many years at the paper, I have not been involved in many projects that have been this worthy -- and fun.

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