Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Frank Beazley Building, the series back online

Frank and me in the Senate chamber.

 Those who know me know my long admiration and deep respect for Frank Beazley, poet, artist, champion of the disabled, and now 45-year resident of Zambarano Hospital. On Wednesday, Frank came with some other Zam patients and staff to the Rhode Island State House, where he was honored -- again -- this time for having the main patient building at Zam named for him. Frank thus joins former governors Garrahy and Sundlun in having a building named for him. It is a very rare honor, and one so well-deserved.

I wrote about this in today's Providence Journal.

And in advance work for the story, I managed to find the right editors internally who were able to restore my 12-part 2006 series on Frank, THE GROWING SEASON. This series was the inspiration for the documentary I co-produced and scripted, ON THE LAKE: Life and Love in a Distant Place, which begins with Zam's early days a a TB sanitarium.

Read THE GROWING SEASON and listen to Frank through this link.

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