Monday, February 26, 2018


I was several years into my journalism career when, 33 years ago this May, Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine became the first major publication to print one of my short stories. Many more would follow that story, "The Warden" -- in mystery, horror and science-fiction magazines. And then came the books, the first, Thunder Rise, a novel. Soon, my 17th book, the sequel to Toy Wars, will appear...

And so, to mark this long run, starting May 1, and continuing daily through May 31, I will publish an excerpt from some of this non-newspaper work: some short stories and some of the 17 books (with  posts June 1 and June 12, to total #33Stories). Also, some screenplays and unpublished treatments and novels. I will provide brief commentary, and the dates times when they were written or published. A sort of retrospective, if you will, of my non-journalism body of work -- and a glimpse of things to come.

Should be fun! See you on May 1.

These are among the stories I will excerpt:

-- "Nothing There." Mark Slade and his great crew have made it into an audio drama podcast.

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