Sunday, February 14, 2016

Scenes from an antique auto convention in Philadelphia

Spent three days in Philadelphia at the 80th annual convention of the Antique Automobile Club of America, foremost such group in the world, signing copies of CAR CRAZY: The Battle for Supremacy Between Ford and Olds and the Dawn of the Automobile Age, presenting a seminar, and meeting a lot of great people. Totally enjoyable!

The AACA is a class organization, and they ran this thing as smooth as velvet. A special shout-out to AACA executive director Steve Moskowitz and communications and marketing director Stacy Zimmerman for keeping the trains -- cars?! -- running on time. Thanks again to Steve Chris Ritter and others at the AACA for their help in writing Car Crazy.

My trip coincided with an op-ed piece, "Time, Again, for Electric Cars to Take Center Stage," that I wrote for the Friday, February 12, 2016, Philadelphia Inquirer. Worth a read.

Herewith some photos from the convention and the city:

1935 Buick. Sweet.

'35 Chevy. Look at that mirror shine.

Chris Ritter and crew from AACA Library. Great guys, great help on the book.

Yes, folks in Philly were Car Crazy!

Cars across America.

1934 Pierce Arrow.

Vintage car clothing.

Today: A 2016 Corvette. Wanted to leave in this one!

Dain King presents a judging seminar. Dain has led a most interesting life.

The light fades as night nears in a city in winter.

Philadelphia 30th Street train station.

A cold sparrow.

A colder platform.

The city recedes. Heading home to Providence - and Valentine's Day!

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