Sunday, August 31, 2014

Along Michigan Avenue, Detroit: Part Two

A drive along the main boulevard of Michigan Avenue from Dearborn, Michigan, world headquarters of Ford, into downtown Detroit tells many stories: of decay, abandonment, life continuing among the ruins, hope for the rebirth one day of this once-mighty city. During my recent stay, I met only the most friendly and helpful people. May the city rise again!

Second of two parts of a photo essay. Click here for Part One.

Zion, rotting home beyond.
A house.
Another house.
Dollar store.
Hair cuts.
Golden arches, CVS.
Liquor, lotto, WIC.
Open for business.
Also open.
Once-grand Michigan Central Station, long closed.
Upper stories of Michigan Central
Industrial legacy.
Almost into downtown.
Heart of downtown, a beautiful summer afternoon.
Hope for a storied city!

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