Monday, September 9, 2013

Camelot, then and now

The Providence Sunday Journal yesterday published "Sunset Days in Camelot: JFK's last September in Newport," my look back at the president's final two weekends with Jackie, Caroline and John Jr. at Hammersmith Farm and the City by the Sea. Oswald's bullet, of course, closed the story.

The story is accompanied by a great slideshow of JFK, Jackie and family, and friends including Nuala and Claiborne Pell. Highly recommended!

In writing the story, I visited Jackie's stepbrother, Yusha Auchincloss, who still lives on the grounds of Hammersmith Farm. A gentleman always, Yusha shared stories, showed photos, and walked the seaside lawn of the big house, where the president's helicopter touched down a half century ago. Yusha's son, Cecil, joined us. Here are few photos that did not make the paper.
Yusha walks the Hammersmith Lawn, big house beyond.

JFK with Yusha's children, Maya and Cecil; the president with Yusha on yacht Honey Fitz; Jackie before she married. Photos in Yusha's house

Cecil and Yusha pose for Journal staff Photographer Freida Squires.

Yusha in his sitting room today.

Close on the young Jackie.

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