Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some time in Maine as winter approaches...

Spent a few days on Deer Isle, one of my favorite places, and the setting for much of the novel I have been writing for years. Literally, for years. So I wrote some more, and I explored, and I kept a pictorial travelogue, in five parts, links below.

The sun sets on Dunham Point.
For more scenes from Dunham, click here.

Mink, the off-season Isle Au Haut mailboat, only link to mainland.
For a visit to the truly remote town of Isle Au Haut (year-round pop. 45 ), click here.

Graves at Greenwood Cemetery, in Oceanville.
For more scenes from this most unusual cemetery, click here.

On the road from the village of  Deer Isle.
 For more scenes around the island and Stonington, click here.

Unloading lobster gear at the end of the day.
 For more scenes on the commercial wharf at Stonington, click here.

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