Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opening Night, 2012 R.I. Film Festival. Fun!

A fine evening Tuesday at the opening of the 2012 Rhode Island International Film Festival, six days of screenings, discussions and get-togethers that has the capitol city crawling with filmmakers from near and far. The Providence Journal, which is well represented throughout the festival, had a big presence at the opening at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Longtime Trinity Rep actress Barbara Meek received an award. Seven shorts from six countries (South Africa, Afghanistan, Canada, France, Norway and England) were shown. Several were outstanding. Three are on my short list as a festival finalist judge (sorry, no further comment!).

With Yolanda, Vets lobby

In the lobby
Katy came, too.

Filmmakers Shachar Langlev, left, and Nitzan Mager arrive for the opening night screenings. Their film, Folkswagon, will be shown later in the week. The Providence Journal/ Connie Grosch

Doors to Vets
With festival founder and director George Marshall.

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