Friday, July 27, 2012

'A Universe of Stories,' Providence Journal promo short for Film Festival

The rough cut is now a final cut, and posted on the Rhode Island International Film Festival site.

 This is the short I mentioned in an earlier posting:

"Editor Cile Prestamo has cut a promotional short that will be shown throughout this August's Rhode Island International Film Festival, where for the first time ever The Providence Journal will show many films and anchor the Film Forum, a half day of viewings and discussion about the craft and business of fillmmaking in Rhode Island. Cile's one-minute, eleven-second short -- which will be shown repeatedly at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, main venue for the festival -- is a masterpiece, featuring clips of some of our best films and words from three of our finest photographers/videographers."

And it helps answer the question we will explore at the at the Film Forum, Thursday, Aug. 9, at the Providence Biltmore:

"How does a media company founded just three years after the invention of still photography survive for nearly two centuries –– and remain fresh and vital in the Internet Age? The Providence Journal, published daily since 1829, has accomplished this by emphasizing news, public service and story. And in 2012, that includes storytelling in documentary films posted as videos to its web site,

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