Saturday, November 5, 2011

A father mourns, a Bronze Star winner suffers

After five months of work, and publication on six Sundays and two Mondays, my Providence Journal series on the veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winds up November 6 and November 7 in The Providence Journal.

Meanwhile, the first of the final two videos accompanying the series is now posted on the Journal War on terror series site. It is especially powerful: The story of a father who lost his firstborn son in an explosion in Afghanistan.

Powerful, too, is the video accompanying the final story, in Monday's paper, about a soldier who won two Bronze Stars -- and came home to a military that initially neglected him, despite his extreme PTSD. That video will be posted later this weekend.

Once we are done, five videos will have been produced, and eight main stories, many with sidebars, written. It has been a long and exhausting few months getting this done. Imagine having to live through what these brave men and women did, and still do...

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