Friday, October 21, 2011

The horror of war

The Ambush: Day Five of my continuing seven-day Providence Journal series on the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will run on this Sunday, October 23. It's the first of two installments telling the story of Sean Judge and Brian Santos, who served in Iraq and on an August night in 2005 witnessed an incredibly horrific bloodbath of American soldiers. (Part two, their very different experiences on their return home, runs Sunday, October 30. Series concludes Sunday, November 6, with the story of a man who lost his firstborn son in an explosion in Afghanistan that killed eight Americans.)
A 15-minute video of Sean and Brain relating the events of that terrible night is now posted
on the Journal web site.
This documentary, by my Journal colleague John Freidah, is extraordinarily powerful.
Note: The warning of graphic content is justified.

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